VIVE XR Suite Now Available in Four New Markets

HTC VIVE’s XR Suite, the enterprise-focused integrated VR software bundle, today expanding to additional markets for the enterprise. The solution which enables users to stay productive and collaborate even when physically apart via VR headsets, PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, is now available to purchase in EMEA, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan.

First launched in China last year, VIVE XR Suite was created in partnership with leading VR software companies. The bundle is comprised of five apps (VIVE Sync, VIVE Sessions, VIVE Campus, VIVE Social [provided by VRChat], and VIVE Museum) and is designed to meet the challenges of working, learning, and living remotely.

The integrated bundle uses the latest spatial computing to provide users with enhanced and engaging shared social experiences with others in a virtual space. Promoting a new era of business networking, creativity, and productivity, the VIVE XR Suite removes physical distances while increasing collaboration.

The apps included in the VIVE XR Suite can be purchased as a bundle or standalone depending on your business needs. The VIVE XR Suite includes:


VIVE Sync is the all-in-one meeting and collaboration solution for VR. A secure and intuitive VR tool, Vive Sync allows teams and partners to connect and collaborate in a shared virtual space. With Vive Sync, it’s easy to customize your avatar, create a private meeting room, and begin working face-to-face with colleagues around the world.

VIVE Sessions (powered by Engage)

VIVE Sessions is the leading VR platform for large-scale conferences, exhibitions and educational events. Users can easily customize a VR presentation with thousands of 3D models, special effects, audio effects, and a wide selection of virtual locations.

VIVE Campus (powered by Virbela)

VIVE Campus provides virtual offices, learning environments and event spaces that mimic the real world to enhance natural communication and collaboration. Users have a private, always-on virtual workspace to do real work with their remote teams. Powerful communication features including spatialized voice, text and emotes enable seamless collaboration for teams both big and small. Vive Campus is powered by Virbela, part of eXp World Holdings (Nasdaq: EXPI).

VIVE Social (provided by VRChat) 

In VIVE Social, users can experience an ever-expanding virtual universe powered by a passionate community who create and share virtual worlds, avatars, and interactive experiences. The platform has grown to millions of users and features a community of creators who have published tens of millions of unique pieces of content. This open-ended creativity and the dynamics of sharing in an active social environment have led to a never-ending fountain of entertaining, surprising and wonderful experiences.

VIVE Museum (powered by Museum of Other Realities)

VIVE Museum provides a new opportunity for artists to create, showcase, and share their work with the world. It offers exquisite venues, large-scale multi-person communication, and effortless navigation.

To add an additional layer of security and convenience, all apps included in the XR Suite bundle can be accessed with a single sign-on account. To cater to businesses of all sizes, the XR Suite includes various license purchase options and deployment tools to enable remote user management.

Visit the XR Suite website to find out more about how the solution is sold in your country: 

For additional information on the VIVE XR Suite, watch the October launch event here: