VIVE Mars CamTrack: the future of content creation

What is VIVE Mars CamTrack?

VIVE Mars CamTrack is a compact plug-and-play virtual production solution that streamlines the production process in an efficient, portable, and affordable way.

Actors can jump into virtual settings in real-time without needing to be on set, empowering filmmakers to unleash creativity with minimal practical obstacles.

The benefits of VIVE Mars CamTrack don't end there. With frictionless set-ups, consideration for sustainability, and real-time feedback, filmmakers can improve their workflows considerably:


  • Swift set-up

Thanks to the compact nature of the VIVE Mars CamTrack, crews can easily transport and set up across different locations. Its plug-and-play feature gets production up and running in less than 15 minutes. Simple, easy, and fast.

  • Environmentally sustainable

Gone are the days of burning down buildings, flooding streets, or blowing up cars. With its immersive and realistic virtual sets, the VIVE Mars CamTrack is the less costly, environmentally friendly, and risk-adverse way of getting that explosive shot just right.

  • Real-time feedback

We've put the filmmaker's needs first with full genlock synchronization via Unreal Engine's Live Link, ensuring synced output between the real world and virtual scenes. Actors can interact with CG elements in real-time, and filmmakers can see their vision naturally realized while the cameras are rolling.

Learn more about unlocking the full potential of your production with VIVE Mars CamTrack.

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