VIVE Connect: the center of your virtual journey

HTC recently announced the central platform for VIVERSE: VIVE Connect. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer. 

What is VIVE Connect?

VIVE Connect is a browser based home space to start all your virtual journeys . It seamlessly connects you with all the different functions of VIVERSE, as well as other experiences created by our partners. It is accessible from your phone, tablet, PC, and any VR device. VIVE Connect provides an integrated VR space for you to customize your VR experience. 

What can you do in VIVE Connect?

  • Customize your Pod

When you enter VIVE Connect, you will be greeted by your Pod. Everyone who enters VIVE Connect will have a Pod of their own. You can customize and display your digital collection in your Pod, so that the space is a reflection of: you.

  • Hold events in your Pod

Hold social events for your friends and family.  Everyone will be able to access the event with or without VR hardware. VIVE Connect is accessible to anyone at any time, regardless of their device. 

Want to  bond with your team while working remotely? You can have gatherings with your colleagues, who might live thousands of miles away.

VIVE Connect case study: Yokohama Smart City Project

VIVE Connect already has some success providing services and solutions for customers in businesses.  We partnered with the City of Yokohama, Japan on their Smart City Project(YSCP). At the 10th Asia Smart City Conference, we were able to showcase the benefits of smart city’s system through the capabilities of virtual reality. 

Learn more about VIVERSE. Reserve your spot in VIVE Connect.