Soothing Benefits of Meditating in the Metaverse

As our world becomes more and more advanced, people are not necessarily becoming happier. That’s why HTC VIVE is dedicated to creating technologies that improve mental wellbeing, such as VIVE Flow.

With the world moving so rapidly around us, learning how to cope with stress is crucial for our wellbeing. We must slow down and find the balance between peace and performance - to find Flow within ourselves.

Meditation has been reported to reduce anxiety levels by 60%, enabling meditators to become more resilient to stress.

Meditate in the Metaverse: More focused. More relaxed.

One of the most common challenges when people try to meditate is to remain still. Even small environmental sounds like the water dripping in your sink could distract you from reaching a peaceful state.

Modern problems require modern solutions. When you immerse yourself in the Metaverse, all the distractions fade away, allowing you to concentrate on yourself and focus on your thoughts and emotions. And that’s why VR meditation apps like  TRIPP are so beneficial when experienced on VIVE Flow.

What is TRIPP?

TRIPP is a leading XR wellness platform that has won several awards and has proven to drive engagement through the use of interactive immersive VR and mobile experiences.

TRIPP offers the ultimate meditation experience to relieve tension and reduce anxiety.TRIPP puts you into a wondrous yet relaxing environment that guides you through proven mindfulness structures, targeted sound frequencies, visuals and interactions that have a multiplicative effect when administered through the immersion of VR.

TRIPP: Meditate in the Metaverse

Your breath becomes shining sparkles drifting in the air, dancing delicately as you breathe in and out. You can see the embodiment of your spirit and your mental blocks, and take control of the interaction between them.

VIVE Flow: best tool for meditating in the Metaverse

Weighing at just 189 grams, getting into the Metaverse has never been so easy. VIVE Flow is optimized for comfort and portability, so you can slip it on and off just like you normally do with regular glasses. When you feel like having some peace and tranquility while on a busy train, you can simply slip it on and immerse yourself in a relaxing environment. 

Meditation in the Metaverse