Optimal VR Hardware in Different Environments

To do their best work, an artisan needs the best tools. HTC VIVE offers a variety of VR headsets and hardware to suit a multitude of situations. Let’s take a look at the optimal VR hardware to use in these different environments:

Optimal VR hardware in different environments

At Home

VIVE Pro 2 is our highest power PCVR headset, bringing you an impressive 5k resolution, 120 FOV, and 120Hz refresh rate. Connect it to lighthouse base stations, VIVE Trackers, and a facial tracker to witness the most complete, immersive, and empathetic VR experience.

Optimal VR hardware in different environments


With swappable batteries, magnetic cushion, and quick-release design, VIVE Focus 3 is perfect for a demonstration at a tradeshow. With the magnetic cushion, you can easily switch between users without compromising each individual’s personal hygiene. This All-in-One Headset delivers ergonomic comfort that will transform the way you display your work in VR.

Optimal VR hardware in different environments

On the Go

VIVE Flow is our newest set of immersive glasses that opens up mindfulness in the VR space. It allows mainstream media consumers to bring VR on the go with the highest portable immersion not seen from any other VR product on the market. VIVE Flow is small enough to hang on a V-neck t-shirt, and can fit in most bags in your wardrobe. Whether it is your morning commute or preparing for your next long flight, VIVE Flow is your ideal travel on-the-go.

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