HTC VIVE Community Highlights

“VIVE is life and VERSE represents the chapters of life” 

VIVERSE visions a world where technology fades to the background and experiences come to the forefront. Where we can push the boundaries of creativity, and also collaborate, play, learn, and dream. 

VIVERSE is an open platform created by the people, owned by the people, and shared by the people. With that spirit, we started a series of prompts, asking our audiences and patrons about their experiences and visions for VIVERSE. 

Each week we organized a prompt matching one of the components of VIVE Reality, the base stone of VIVERSE: Technology, Humanity, and Imagination

Let’s take a look at all these fantastic responses from the VR community:


Prompt: In VR, the words literally leap off of the page and into the world around you.  Which fantasy world needs to go to Virtual?


Prompt: What’s a VR accessory you want that doesn’t exist yet?

Frame 40 (7).png


Prompt: What has been your crowning achievement in VR?
Frame 52 (9).pngFrame 52 (6).png
Frame 51 (11).png

It’s dangerous to go alone, take friends. Show us the scariest environment in VR and tag the VR crew that you would bring with you.
Frame 40 (6).png


Prompt: You’re in charge of creating VIVE’s next mascot.  Send/Tell us your designs and concepts.
Frame 43.pngFrame 42.png
Frame 41.pngFrame 40.png

VR art contest, send us your best work!
Frame 50 (5).pngFrame 51 (10).pngFrame 53 (7).pngFrame 52 (8).png

Join the community and share your story with us.