HTC VIVE: 2021 Year-end Highlights

HTC VIVE: 2021 Year-end Highlights

As 2021 is coming to a close, we want to extend our deepest gratitudes to the VR community. Your support has empowered us to constantly innovate and improve our VR technologies, and we cannot wait to show off what we have in store for 2022. To celebrate all the different events and products of 2021, here are the end of the year highlights of HTC VIVE: 

We started off the year with a bit of mystery. A tweet with a partial VIVE logo saying “It’s your move” stirred up a lot of conversation online. The speculation was fun to watch, but it was all to lead to changing the world of empathetic in VR.  We launched our newest trackers, VIVE Tracker 3.0.  VIVE Tracker has always been a popular gadget in the VR community, but, per the community’s request, we made some serious improvements. For comfort, it is 33% smaller and 15% lighter; for productivity, its battery life lasts 75% longer than Tracker 2.0. We were encouraged by the tremendous response from some VR enthusiasts interested in dance and other forms of expression in the metaverse. Regardless which headset you own, Tracker 3.0 keeps up with you.

Another product initially shrouded in mystery, VIVE Facial Tracker was teased alongside its partner, Tracker 3.0.  Facial expressions are crucial during communication as communication is also reflected by non-verbal gestures. VIVE facial tracker offers tracking with precision, allowing you to read intentions and emotions in real-time. This invention enables empathy in conversation, and it brings more immersion to your Metaverse experience.

This year, we hosted VIVECON, our premier mid-year event hosted in virtual reality.  It was remarkable to see such a large turnout from VR community members from all different parts of the globe.  We threw this event to announce two pieces of next-generation VR hardware, one for enterprise professionals; another for hardcore gamers. We think you know what we’re talking about:

The excitement around Focus 3 was phenomenal.  VIVE Focus 3 is the newest member of the VIVE Focus family. The all-in-one headset offers 5k resolution, 120° FOV, and 90Hz refresh rate. Delivering best-in-class graphics, ergonomic comfort and applications that will transform the way you work.  It was no surprise that the VR community saw this headset as a representation of where the future of VR is headed.

Sharp. Precise. Immersive. VIVE Pro 2 was and is the ultimate PCVR experience.  Pro 2 boasts an impressive 120Hz refresh rate and 5k resolution to truly transport the user into another realm.  Between its high-quality audio and industry-leading visuals, it became clear that Pro 2 was meant for those who are serious about their VR immersion and experience.

When everyone thought we had brought enough new hardware into 2021, we introduced you to VIVE Flow.  VIVE Flow is our latest pair of immersive glasses that opens up the wellness and mindfulness category in the VR space. It allows mainstream media consumers to bring VR on the go with the highest portable immersion not seen from any other VR product on the market. Its compact design positioned itself to be the perfect travel companion or thoughtful gift going into our holiday season.

The end of the year was approaching fast, but here at VIVE, we were eager to expand the VIVEVERSE with the launch of the VIVE Art NFT store. We saw that NFT’s have taken the spotlight in 2021, and we wanted to join the fun.  We are starting off with NFTs of iconic Art Nouveau masterpieces by renowned Czech artist Alphonse Mucha, as part of a major collaboration with the Mucha Foundation. The store offers all forms of digital art, including VR, AR, and XR pieces. You can be the creator or the consumer of the VIVE Arts NFT store.

  • VIVE Flow: Best Hardware by Upload VR

Coming to our final highlight, we were given the best gift we could imagine this holiday season.  Upload VR awarded VIVE Flow as the Best Hardware of the year.  We cannot express how excited the team at VIVE was to receive such an accolade, and we are delighted to see how many people are enjoying everything that VIVE Flow brings.

As you can see, it’s been quite a journey this year. A special thank you to all the HTC VIVE fans who have shown their creativity, support, and criticism.  We want to grow alongside the VR community to create a better future for VR. 

Thank you for supporting us through 2021, we will see you in 2022. Happy new year!