5 Family Friendly VR Games in VIVEPORT

Getting Together in VR

The holidays will be here any day now, and it’s a time of year best shared with those you love. Why not bring everyone together with some family-friendly fun in VR? For starters, here are some VIVEPORT titles that are sure to be a hit with the whole family:

Paper Beast

Meet whimsical and intelligent creatures, tame them, and use their abilities to overcome this new environment. Solve puzzles with your new partners and overcome a new plane of existence. Take your family on a dreamlike journey with Paper Beast.

Cooking Simulator VR

With no shortage of accolades, Cooking Simulator VR really brings some heat to your kitchen. This is no ordinary cookout – use quick thinking and put your puzzle-solving skills to the test as you clean messes, cook culinary works of art, and more. Share in the joy of triumph or laugh as you try and fail together.

Spacefolk City

Fancy yourselves architects? Enjoy a funky, casual take on the city-building genre with Spacefolk City. Create a floating metropolis and have fun decorating it with tons of wacky and absurd items. Be sure to keep your citizens happy and engaged as you watch your space city come to life!

Space Slurpies

How long can your floating snake survive? Take control of your own luminescent serpent and eat as much food as possible! Grow as large as you can without colliding into yourself or other players. Use careful maneuvers to cut off your opponents and be the last snake standing – uh, floating. Enjoy over 20 unique maps, a cross-platform multiplayer mode, and snake customization.

Walkabout Minigolf

Time to finish the back 9! Putt your way through beautifully designed courses as you collect balls and challenge your friends and family in a game of classic putt-putt fun. Master 8 unique courses that can be played at night or during the day. Collect over 100 custom balls hidden in each course and let everyone find one that suits their own style. See you on the green!


Now you’re all prepared for your next family gathering. Check out even more VR titles you can experience together on VIVEPORT !