3 ways to have fun in VIVERSE

Worlds are your personalized space in the VIVERSE. We’ve touched on how to get started and what to check out in the VIVERSE, but today we want to explore the interactions and opportunities found in WORLDS. Strap yourself in, we’re launching into VIVERSE!

Socialize Across the Globe

Stay connected with friends, family, and loved ones from wherever and whenever. Whether you want to all hop into virtual reality or congregate across a variety of devices, VIVERSE allows you to be in community regardless of the distance. Host your own private parties in your own World, or find new friends by exploring public Worlds on the “Explore” tab in VIVERSE. Find your tribe and chat with new people by enabling your microphone at the top right corner of your UI. Let’s get the party started!

Show Off your Collections

As digital goods and assets have taken the world by storm, VIVERSE offers a space for you to curate your own exhibit and showcase your digital goods from different places within the metaverse.  Whether it’s an image, 3D object, or animated piece, have them all in one place for your guests to admire. If you’re looking to add to your collection, check out the “Market” tab in VIVERSE.

Tell your Story

Worlds have plenty of space to display your narrative. It is your world to create, transform, and determine the message you want to leave behind. Show the growth of your own personal journey or pay homage to a series that you love. Create a private place for your family to check or the next hot space in VIVERSE. Ultimately, your World and what it represents is all up to you.

We want to know: How do you want to use your World in VIVERSE? Link up with us on Twitter and let us know!

Keep VIVEin’