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About HTC Screen Capture Tool

Use the HTC Screen Capture Tool to capture more that just the conventional screenshot.
  • The help content here is based on the following app version: 1.00.1x.
  • The HTC Screen Capture Tool can be downloaded from Google¬†Play Store if it's not preinstalled on your phone. This app is available for download in HTC U11 and later phone models.
  • Some features, such as screen recording, may not be available on all phones.

With the HTC Screen Capture Tool, you can:

  • Capture long web pages, message threads, or documents in a single screenshot.
  • Capture a select area of the screen.
  • Highlight items by drawing on or adding text to the screenshot.
  • Record the screen actions.
  • Easily share your screenshot after capturing.

After you've captured a screenshot, the HTC Screen Capture Tool will be shown at the bottom of the screen.

Screen showing the HTC Screen capture toolbar.