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Setting up HTC 5G Hub‍ for the first time

When you turn on HTC 5G Hub‍ for the first time—or after you've done a factory reset—you’ll need to set it up.
  1. If you need to navigate by voice feedback, turn on TalkBack by pressing and holding two fingers on the first screen until you hear a message and then a beep.

    Or if you accidentally enabled TalkBack, follow the onscreen tutorial to turn it off.

  2. Choose the system language you want to use, then read and agree to the terms of use.
  3. Specify your Wi-Fi hotspot name and password.

    You will need to enter this information on each device you want to connect.

  4. Specify your 802.11ad hotspot and password, or do this later.

    You will need to enter this information on each device you want to connect.

  5. Sign in to your Google® Account.
  6. On the Google Services screen, make sure the Back up to Google Drive option is turned on to enable Auto Backup. It's also recommended to have the options under Location and Device maintenance turned on.
  7. Set a screen lock with a PIN, pattern, or password. You can also do this later. For details, see Setting a screen lock.
  8. Set up Google Assistant, or do this later. For details, visit
  9. Choose your device mode:
    • HTC 5G Hub mode: Features the Dashboard with hotspot information and quick access to its settings. See HTC 5G Hub‍ Dashboard for details.
    • Android mode: Provides you with the native Android Home screen launcher.
    You can switch between these modes at any time later. See Choosing your Home screen mode.
Note: Some features that need to connect to the Internet such as location-based services and auto-sync of your online accounts may incur extra data fees. To avoid incurring data fees, disable these features under Settings.
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