HTC India Pvt. Ltd. (“HTC”) has been made aware of emails or calls pretending as employees of HTC, or is associated with HTC. These scams, which may seek to obtain money, personal details and/or in many cases handset deposit from the recipients of such correspondence, are fraudulent and are not genuine.

HTC has not authorized these correspondences and is in no way connected with these scams. The people behind these scams are not employees of the HTC and they are not acting on its behalf.

Please note that:

  • HTC does not request any information related to bank accounts or other private information.
  • HTC has its own way of handling Service issues and claims. It follows the escalation process which is of international standards.
  • HTC only sends emails through HTC domain (@htc.com and @htcstore.in). Fraudulent correspondence can look like they’re from HTC, but on closer inspection are from another domain. For example, htc@India.com is not a genuine HTC email address.
  • HTC has received reports that the scammers have been calling existing customers from +91 9650396608 & +91 9650396276 and sending emails from Info.productclaim@India or asking to send details to Info.productclaim@India.

HTC strongly cautions the public not to disclose any information whether personal or financial or send money to anyone claiming to represent HTC. HTC request its customers and member of general public to use their utmost prudence with regard to any suspicious correspondence, repair settlement and demand for money. Victims of such scams should report them to their local law enforcement authorities.