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Recording the phone screen

Share your gameplay to show a friend how to level up, or capture a walk-through to explain a phone feature.
Note: Screen recording is available only on phones that have the Navigation Bar.
  1. On the screen where you want to start recording, tap Record screen button on the Navigation Bar.
    • If this is your first time to do a screen recording, you may need to tap Start Now to start recording.
    • If you do not see Record screen button, add it to the Navigation Bar. To find out how, see the user guide or how-tos.
  2. Perform the steps that you want to record on the phone. While recording, you can:
    • Tap Pause playback button to pause recording. Tap Play button to resume recording.
    • Tap Screen recorder timer to show the screen recording controls.
    • Drag Screen recorder timer to reposition it on the screen.
    Note: The screen recording controls and Screen recorder timer will be captured as well so move them to an area on the screen where they won't be a distraction.
  3. When you're finished, tap Pause button.
  4. Open the Notifications panel, and then slide two fingers apart on the Screen recorded notification.
  5. Tap Share.