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Viewing the detail cards

After you've set up HTC Sense Companion, it needs some time to learn from your daily phone usage and activities before it can provide suggestions and information. When it starts to display them as detail cards, here are ways you can view the cards.
  • Tap the edge bubble when you see it on the right side of the screen. It only appears for a few seconds.
  • Slide the notifications panel open, and then tap the HTC Sense Companion notification. You may need to scroll down the panel to see it, if you have several app notifications.
  • Open the HTC Sense Companion app to view all detail cards.

Make sure to respond to the detail cards by tapping their buttons so that HTC Sense Companion can continuously learn from you and provide suggestions and information.

  • HTC Sense Companion checks your calendar data, such as evening and weekend events, to display reminders. You'll need to enter your events with their respective dates and locations first to your calendar.
  • For HTC Sense Companion to learn and provide helpful information based on your location and activities, tap > Permissions and grant the app access to your data, if you haven't done so. Also, make sure location services are enabled in Settings.
  • For the app to provide even better advice or suggestions, you can enter your personal information such as home and work location. Tap > Personal info.