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What is Edge Sense?

  • The help content here is based on the following app version: 1.10.9x.
  • Edge Sense is currently supported in HTC U11. More HTC phone models will be coming out which will support Edge Sense.
  • Download the latest version of HTC Edge Sense from Google Play Store to enjoy add-on features.
Edge Sense provides an intuitive way to interact with your HTC phone by simply squeezing its lower sides. Customize Edge Sense to quickly launch your favorite app or do certain actions.

Here are the actions that currently can be assigned to the squeeze gestures in Edge Sense:

  • Launch the Camera app—which is assigned to the short squeeze gesture by default. See Taking camera shots using Edge Sense.
  • Launch the default voice assistant—which is assigned to the squeeze and hold gesture by default. See Typing with your voice with Edge Sense.
  • Launch HTC Alexa. This app is currently available on phones sold in the U.S., U.K., and Germany only.
  • Launch the default music app. Play or pause with a short squeeze when music is playing in the background.
  • Launch HTC Sense Companion.
  • Launch any other app that's preinstalled or downloaded on your phone.
  • Capture screenshots.
  • Turn the flashlight on or off.
  • Start or stop voice recording. You need to have the HTC Voice Recorder app.
  • Turn Wi‍-Fi Hotspot on or off.

In addition to the above, you can customize squeeze gestures to perform certain actions in an app. See Assigning in-app actions to squeeze gestures.

  • Except for capturing screenshots and performing in-app actions, the above can be triggered by squeeze gestures even when the screen is off.
  • Google Play Music and third-party music apps that follow the Android music control standard are supported by Edge Sense.