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An example of assigning in-app actions

Here's an example of customizing Edge Sense to start and stop the timer in the Clock app.
  1. From the Home screen, tap All apps button > Settings > Edge Sense.
  2. Under In-app options,, tap Add more in-app options.
  3. In the app list, tap Clock.
  4. Tap Short squeeze.
  5. Tap , and then tap the Timer tab to assign it to the short squeeze gesture.
  6. Select the Tap action, and then tap OK.
  7. Enter an action name, such as Go to Timer, and then tap Save.
  8. Tap Squeeze & hold > Add a new action.
  9. In the Clock app, swipe to the Timer tab.
  10. Set the countdown time that you want. Then start the timer by tapping Start and let it finish the countdown.
  11. To assign the start timer button to the squeeze and hold gesture, tap , and then tap Start.
  12. Select the Tap action, and then tap OK.
  13. Enter an action name, such as Start or Stop Timer, and then tap Save.
  14. Tap thrice to return to the Edge Sense screen.
Tip: If you also want to use squeezing to open the Clock app, tap Customize short squeeze or Customize squeeze & hold. Select Launch app, and then select Clock.

Now give it a try. After launching the Clock app, squeeze the lower sides of your phone to go to the timer screen, and then squeeze and hold to start the countdown. To stop the countdown, squeeze and hold again.