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Typing with your voice with Edge Sense

Type using your voice instead of the onscreen keyboard. To use the Voice-to-Text feature, Google voice assistant needs to be assigned to a squeeze gesture. If you turned on Advanced mode, by default, the squeeze and hold gesture is set to Launch Google voice assistant. See Enabling Advanced mode.
Important: Check and make sure to download the latest HTC Edge Sense version from Google Play.
  1. Open an app where you want to enter text.
  2. With the onscreen keyboard showing, squeeze the lower sides of your phone, and then speak the words you want typed.
Note: If you paused speaking, you may need to tap the microphone icon on the screen to resume voice typing.

With Edge Sense, you can also launch Google voice assistant to do a web search, ask questions such as about the weather, and more. While you're not in the Camera app or onscreen keyboard, squeeze and hold the lower sides of your phone to use Google voice assistant.

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