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Dismissing or snoozing event reminders

If you have set at least one reminder for an event, the upcoming event icon will appear in the notifications area of the status bar to remind you.
  1. Slide the Notifications panel open.
  2. If the notification shows that there are multiple reminders, tap it to see all the reminders. You can then choose to snooze or dismiss them.
  3. If you see a single event notification, spread your two fingers on the notification to expand it. You can then:
    • Tap Snooze or Dismiss. Or drag the notification left or right to dismiss it.
    • Tap Send mail to send a quick response to the meeting attendees.
      Tip: To edit the preset quick responses or add your own, open Calendar, and then tap More options button > Settings > Quick response.
If you don't want to dismiss or snooze the calendar reminders, press BACK from the Notifications panel to keep them pending in the notifications area of the status bar.