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Checking Weather

Note: The help content here is based on the following app version: 8.50.9x and up. Certain phone models may not support the latest app version.
Use the Weather app and widget to check the current weather and weather forecasts for the next few days. In addition to your current location, you can view weather forecasts for other cities around the globe.
  1. From the Home screen, tap All apps button, and then find and tap Weather. You'll see the weather for different cities, including where you are.
  2. Tap a city to view weather information.
  3. Swipe to the Hourly and Forecast tabs to view the forecast in your selected location.
  4. To check the weather in other cities, tap Show dropdown list icon, and then select the city you want.
  5. To add more cities, tap Add and then enter the location.
  6. To change the temperature scale, update schedule, and more, tap > Settings.
    Image showing available options in the Weather app.
Your settings in the Weather app also control the weather information that is shown in the Clock.