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Copying or moving files and folders to the storage card

If you have a storage card inserted in your phone, you can use HTC File Manager to organize the files and folders stored in it.
  1. Make sure that a storage card is inserted in your phone.
  2. Open the File Manager app.
  3. Swipe to the Removable storage tab.
  4. You can do one of the following:
    • Tap > Create folder to create a new folder.
    • Select one or more files or folders to copy to another destination, and then tap Copy or Move to. Go to where you want to move the copied items, and then tap Paste.
    Note: On phone models with Android 6 or later, you'll see a popup with the instructions for granting write access to a removable storage. Tap Next, and then tap Done to close the popup. Tap > Show internal storage. Tap Drawer button, tap the name of your storage card, and then tap Select.
  5. When creating a new folder, enter a name, and then tap OK.