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HTC BoomSound Connect app

Note: The help content here is based on the following app version: 7.20.7x. Certain phone models may not support the latest app version.
If you're using Qualcomm® AllPlay powered speakers, download and install the HTC BoomSound Connect app to your phone to manage them, queue your songs to a shared speaker, and more.
  1. Connect your phone to a speaker or grouped speakers. For details, see
  2. When you're prompted to download HTC BoomSound Connect, download and install the app.
  3. Open the HTC BoomSound Connect app.
  4. Use the controls in the app to control music playback and adjust the speaker volume.
    Image showing the BoomSound Connect player.
  5. To switch between speakers, tap Show dropdown list icon next to the current speaker name, and then tap another speaker.
  6. When several phones are streaming music to the same speaker, tap Add to add your music to the queue.
  7. To view the queue and check where your music is lined up in the list, tap Music queue icon.
  8. Tap More options button to access HTC BoomSound Connect settings. You can rename speakers or clear the queue.