Next Level Processing Power With ImageChip


In order to provide the best quality on our camera, we have designed our own HTC ImageChip to perform some of the processing at the hardware level. Our carefully engineered ImageChip features optimize the ISP (Image Signal Processor), to offer benefits such as:

Continuous Auto Focus   We have developed our algorithm to improve focusing speed significantly to an average of less than 200ms for a full distance scan. This is almost instantaneous, and less than an average human blink. You will practically never see your images out of focus.
Lens Compensation & Color Shading   Due to the curvature of the lens and the way light flows, the physics of a lens naturally creates darker spots near the edge. With an algorithm designed specifically for our lens, we can process and compensate the color shading.
De-noise processing   While our system already employs the largest pixel size and largest aperture found on a smartphone, noise is always a factor when a light threshold level is reached. De-noise processing helps cleanly remove noise captured both on the main camera and the front camera.