Cracked Screen? Water Damage?

We've got you covered with UH OH Protection.

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Available with purchase of an HTC 10 exclusively on

With UH OH Protection you get a free replacement for broken screens, water damage*.

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Contact Customer Support

9 AM - 10 PM ET.
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Choose a Shipping Option

1. Get a replacement next business day before you send us back your damaged phone. Requires a $599 credit card hold until HTC receives damaged phone.


2. Send us your damaged phone using a prepaid label provided by HTC. Receive a replacement phone within 2 days of HTC's receipt of damaged phone. No credit card required.


Start Using Your New Phone

1. Just insert the sim card from your old phone into your new phone and follow the prompts.

2. If you backed up your phone before the accident, you can easily restore your favorite phone settings, like messages, contacts, and files, from the cloud. HTC Backup makes it easy.