The ultimate touch

The moment you touch HTC 10, everything comes together beautifully. The screen is 50% more responsive*, even the smallest and fastest movements of your fingers are tracked perfectly and smoothly. And apps launch twice as fast thanks to our auto-optimization algorithm*.

* Compared to HTC One M9.

Security at your fingertips

HTC 10’s fingerprint security keeps your data safe, but unlocks at just the touch of your finger - in a lightning fast 0.2 seconds. Our sensor recognizes your fingerprint from almost every angle and position. And its smart algorithm learns to recognize you even faster and more accurately over time.

Best in class inside

HTC 10 brings you the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for the best performance. Plus enhanced 4G LTE support for faster network speeds and hassle free roaming in more countries. And a next generation 2K LCD display that is 30% more colorful and specially tuned to cinema color standards, so your movies look true to the director’s vision.

Performance enhancer

Keep your phone in tiptop condition with Boost+. Able to dynamically allocate resources as required, it makes switching between apps smoother and maximizes battery life by reducing the power usage of background apps. It can even give games a performance boost while helping them use less battery.