Sculpted by light

Imagine the sunrise defining the curves of a modern sculpture. The rising light playing across metal and glass to create a constantly changing reflection of color and contrast. That’s the inspiration behind HTC 10. The phone that celebrates the beauty of light with a bold new chamfered contour and sophisticated dual-textured finish. It’s poetry of light, in your hand.

Polished to perfection

A passion for detail makes HTC 10 perfect for you. You can see it in how the full glass front seamlessly merges into the metal body. How the speakers have been redesigned for a sleeker look and better sound quality. Even how the power button has been crafted to click in just the right way.

Built strong because life is tough

HTC 10 has been mercilessly engineered to handle everyday knocks, bumps and scratches. We subjected it to extreme temperature tests, ranging from a freezing -20°C to a scorching 60°C, plus a multitude of grueling drop, scratch and corrosion tests. We didn’t stop until the build quality met our exacting standards.