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Smart Warehouse and Factory
Foundation portable 5G private network

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Foundation portable 5G private network Foundation portable 5G private network

Portable 5G Private Network

Portable 5G Private Network

Easily and quickly deploy a portable 5G private network built for various user scenarios in small spaces. With the compact system, everything users need fits neatly into a suitcase.

The system is compliant with 3GPP and O-RAN structure using COST x86 base server to compose 5G network system includes 5GC, BBU, RRU, and an L3 switch; which BBU powered by HTC RAN software.


AIOT / Lab / Academic Application

Provide reliable 5G network and the ability to analyze data for “Development & Research”.

Academic Application

Smart Inspection for Various Scenarios

AR/MR/ Central Console (Information Sync)

AR/MR/Central Console (Information Sync)

AI Camera (Always Monitoring)

AI Camera (Always Monitoring)

Portable Device(E-Information)

Portable Device (E-Information)

Smart Education Application Scenarios

Instantly have synchronized video and audio

Training and Education

Training and Education

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

Real Time Data

Real-Time Data

Smart Warehouse and Factory

Wiring costs are low, and the equipment can be adjusted in a small area.

Smart Warehouse and Factory


Create the First Public Experience 5G Field

Kaohsiung City wins the Asia-Pacific Smart City Award. In recent years, it has made every effort to promote the development of 5G AIoT, with HTC, combined with cloud VR computing, to create the first 5G private network field open to the public and enterprise. HTC's leading 5G Standalone (SA) network technology and end-to-end enterprise private network solutions, and combined with HTC remote streaming software platform management, edge computing, and 5G network software comply with O-RAN, highly secure network protection mechanisms, and XR service solutions, to establish high transmission, low latency and widely connected 5G private network environment.

Kaohsiung Asia New Bay Area 5G XR O-RAN Field

Kaohsiung Software Park is located in 5G AIoT Innovation Park in Asia's New Bay Area. It's an important demonstration base for the development of 5G AIoT applications in the south of Taiwan. To promote the digital transformation competitiveness, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has joined HTC, the Industrial Bureau, the Kaohsiung City Government, and the Institute for Information Industry to build a "5G XR O-RAN Experimental Field". In the future, this 5G private network platform will provide free cooperation between enterprises and manufacturers in the park to apply for research or test applications. It expects to bring innovation and change through 5G, lead the manufacturing and material service industries, and bring the multiplication effect of substantial business opportunities to southern Taiwan.

5G Lightweight solution with a suitcase

The HTC 5G O-RAN enterprise private network has passed the actual combat test of the "5G Open Network Test Platform" established by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), an international open architecture organization. It can correspond to international standards and provide efficient and stable software and hardware equipment for interoperability, creating open RAN open architecture 5G application business opportunities. With the advantages of convenience, portability, and flexibility, a 5G Portable private network can be set up within 30 minutes with only one suitcase (weight about 40kg), which is suitable for exhibitions, demonstrations, education, application development, and other all-round fields. Through this solution, we can help local enterprises, help the start-up to develop new products.


  • 5G NR Stand Alone

  • OAM Included

  • Sub-6: n78, n79

  • Bandwidth 100MHz

  • DL 4 layers, UL 2 layers

  • 250mW Indoor O-RU

  • Default DL 700Mbps, UL 80Mbps

  • GPS Not needed

  • Expansion :

    • DL 850Mbps
    • UL 200Mbps
    • Radius 20m can use 6 VR devices