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  • HTC Mini+ Firmware Update

    An updated firmware is now available for HTC Mini+ users to download. As always, HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience.


    Firmware version:4.13


    Installation/Upgrade Instruction:

    1. Execute HTCDFUSoftwareupdatewizard_2.4.2412.3620.exe on PC to install FW upgrade tool with default Options, and restart your PC after the installation.
    2. Download new FW 4.13.997.1.dfu
    3. Connect and plug in micro USB power cord between BT device and PC USB port.
    4. To enter upgrade mode: power on BT device and select Settings -> Software upgrade after connection with phone.
    5. Check if there’s entry “CSR BlueCore in DFU mode” shown in your PC “Device Manager” (right click on “Computer” icon > choose “Device manager”), if there is, then skip step 6 & 7.
    6. If there’s only an unknown device shown in your device list or other BT radio dongle is recognized, choose it to update driver.

      HTC Mini

      HTC Mini
    7. Give it assigned folder to “C:\Program Files\CSR\BlueSuite 2.4\drivers\win32 or \win64” depends on your PC OS. (Q: Where could I find 32 or 64 bits information? Right click on “Computer” icon > choose “Properties”)

      HTC Mini

      HTC Mini

      After finishing this, you’ll see “CSR BlueCore in DFU mode” listed in your device manager, you have driver successfully installed.

      HTC Mini
    8. Run DFUWizard in start menu.

      HTC Mini
    9. Follow upgrading process steps, choose USB connection type.

      HTC Mini

      HTC Mini
    10. Please select 1st Upgrade Action.

      HTC Mini
    11. Choose the file to upgrade, please press “Browse” to find this file in your PC, which downloaded in Step 2.

      HTC Mini
    12. While upgrade processing, do not interrupt or power lost to prevent device dead, and it will take approximately < 3 minutes.
    13. Power on BT device to have new feature experience.
  • Remote Control Software for HTC Mini+

    You could install this software on your PC to remote control PC applications via HTC Mini+, like a wireless presenter for Microsoft PowerPoint.

    Release Date: 2014-03-07
    Version: 1.0.2321.2800

    • Requirements:
      1. Hardware requirements (PC)
        1. Intel® Pentium® III or higher processor clock speed recommended
        2. 1GB of RAM or higher recommended
        3. XGA (1024 x 768) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor
        4. 300 MB of available free hard disk space, and USB 2.0 is required
      2. Software Requirements – Supported Operating System (PC)
        1. Windows 7/8 Ultimate/ Professional/ Home Premium / Home Basic Edition (32 & 64-Bit)
    • Download and Installation Instructions
      1. Click here to download "HTCMini+PCRemote_1.0.2321.2800.exe" to your PC.
      2. Run "HTCMini+PCRemote_1.0.2321.2800.exe" to install it on your PC, and follow the InstallShield Wizard to finish the installation.
      3. After you saw the complete message on InstallShield Wizard, please press "Finish" to exit the Wizard.
    • Start to use HTC Mini+ Remote
      1. Run HTC Mini+ Remote as Figure 1 and power on HTC Mini+ to be set under Connect to PC mode according to HTC Mini+ user manual.(Note: You can find HTC Mini+ Remote from Start > All Programs > HTC > HTC Mini+ Remote)
      2. Press Connect button to create the connection between HTC Mini+ and PC.


    Once it is connected successfully, you'll see "Remote control" on your HTC Mini+ as Figure 2 below, and you can start to use 4 direction keys to remote control applications on your PC.



    HTC Mini+


    Figure 1. Run HTC Mini+ Remote


    HTC Mini+


    Figure 2. Remote control mode