Gramohorn II

Gramohorn II

As a part of the Here’s To Creativity programme, HTC UK has been working with talented designers to create inspirational products. The very first designer to get involved is Justin Wolter who’s created the Gramohorn II – a beautifully sculpted HTC One dock that channels music naturally through its huge gramophone like chambers.

Designing the Gramohorn II

Designed specifically to work with the HTC One’s powerful HTC BoomSound™ stereo speakers, the two horns make it the world’s first passive stereo amplifier there’s no need for any power or cables.

Gramohorn design overview
Gramohorn design detail

The Gramohorn II is 3D printed in a plaster-based, composite material and can be spray finished in one of 28 colours. The Gramohorn is also available in limited edition stainless steel. Each Gramohorn is made-to-order, making each one uniquely personal and a first of its kind.

HTC BoomSound™

HTC BoomSound™ pumps raw power and fine detail into music, movies, and games through dual frontal stereo speakers for you and your friends’ ultimate listening pleasure. While other smartphones make do with muffled rear speakers, HTC BoomSound™ aims in the opposite direction – for louder sound from a smartphone. Your HTC phone’s exclusive built-in amplifiers deliver sharp, rich sound with less distortion than average smartphones.

Gramohorn II HTC holder - close up

HTC One and Gramohorn II on window

A Word From Justin

“I’m honoured to be recognised by HTC UK’s Here’s To Creativity campaign”, Justin told us. “Having an idea is one thing, but to fully realise it is another. With the help of HTC UK, I have been able to develop my concept not only further than I had hoped, but into a commercial product.”

See the gallery

HTC One and Gramohorn II on black background
HTC One and Gramohorn II on window - front
HTC One and Gramohorn II together

HTC One and Gramohorn II on tiles
HTC One and Gramohorn II - detail
HTC One and Gramohorn II on the window

We Know You Want One

Available from the Gramohorn is spray finished and made to order for £999 in a plaster resin build, or £4999 in a selection of milled metals.