Experience Jimmy’s vivid world with HTC Vive at Taipei International Book Exhibition 2016

Taipei, Taiwan – February 16, 2016 – Jimmy S.P.A. Plus Co., Ltd., a company founded to promote Jimmy Liao as a cultural brand around the globe, and HTC, a pioneer in innovative and smart technologies, today joined forces to announce the “HTC Vive x Jimmy Liao’s All of My World Is You” exhibit at the Taipei International Book Exhibition 2016. This crossover between the best from the arts and technology industries extends Jimmy’s imagination from paper to a 3-dimensional space.

With the cutting-edge innovations of HTC Vive, it enables readers to step into Jimmy’s latest picture book – “All of My World Is You” and interact with the characters, setting a new benchmark for both industries. To provide the best virtual reality experience for Jimmy’s imagination world, Jimmy S.P.A. Plus and HTC also invited the award-winning music producer, Chien-Chi Chen to create the beautiful and deeply touching soundtrack.

Yusan Lee, the CEO of Jimmy S.P.A. Plus Co., Ltd. said, “Since Jimmy SPA was established, we have achieved numourous milestones of having a single source used in many ways in the cultural and creative industries in Taiwan. With these great techonological innovations, Jimmy’s creation has been implemented into digital books, interactive experiences and mobile applications. We are delighted to continue pursuing these breakthroughs with Jimmy’s animations, such as the international award-winning animation of “A Fish that Smiled at Me” and the stop motion animation of Jimmy’s Dream Theater at the Pavilion of Dreams in Taipei Flora Expo. Compared to standard animation, VR creates an interactive experience and 360 degrees seamless panoramic vision. Jimmy S.P.A. Plus and HTC set out to enhance the creative industry. Through the world- recognized best VR experience, HTC Vive, the collaboration has established a new benchmark of how people interact with arts and the world. It spans the publishing, creative, technology, animation and music fields. Thanks to the support from the Taipei Book Fair Foundation; we bring the first teaser to the public at 2016 TIBE. Moreover, to broaden access of the VR experience for Jimmy’s world, it will be exhibited throughout Asia to demonstrate how dynamic and effective the VR is.”

“It has always been very interesting and challenging to deliver the impression of Jimmy’s creations by melody and rhythm.” said Chien-Chi Chen, an award-winning music producer who created the soundtrack for the VR experience. “Even though Jimmy and I have cooperated for many years on soundtrack creations for the musical dramas of the “Sound of Color”, “Mr. Wing”, and “Turn Left, Turn Right”, as well as the animation of “A Fish that Smiled at Me”, it is a brand new experience to participate in this collaboration of design and techonology. In the virtual world, the users are more sensitive to music, even to sound. The story is completed by applying the brand new creation of music production and fine processing quality. It will guide readers to enjoy the immersive experience and to really feel the ups and downs of the leading character. In the upcoming episodes of the series, the music creation will be emphasized through special effects of musical integration and quality enhencement.”

“Ever since the first day HTC Vive was announced, we knew that it would be widely applied beyond the gaming and entertainment industries. HTC Vive now applies across a wide spectrum of sectors, such as healthcare, education, retail and automotive with this disruptive innovation, demonstrating the potential of a world without limits”, said Jack Tong, North Asia President at HTC. “It is a pleasure to leverage the VR ecosystem to enhance the cultural and creative industries with Jimmy SPA. Together, we bring a new concept on stage to spark of creativity and innovation, and to open up a new era of vision and intelligence.”

Based on Jimmy’s latest picture book, “All of My World Is You”, the experience of “HTC Vive x Jimmy Liao’s All of My World Is You” offers a complete immersive experience with world-leading full room scale 360-degree movement solution, which enables players to follow the leading character, a red-haired girl, in the mysterious hotel room, feel the breeze fluttering leaves and feel sympathy for her sadness. Players can interact with the girl by using the wireless controllers of HTC Vive, besides, will be guided to complete the challenges to make her smile again, and open up a new joyful world.

In the upcoming year, HTC and Jimmy S.P.A. Plus will demonstrate multiple accomplishments at Bologna Children's Book Fair 2016 and Frankfurt Book Fair 2016. Throughout the unity of technology and culture, art and design are transformed from paperbacks to digital platforms. It brings the industry to a new vision, creates industrial diversities, expands development competitiveness and trains professional talents in Taiwan.

“HTC Vive x Jimmy Liao’s All of My World Is You” at TIBE 2016


  • 10AM to 6PM, February 17th to 18th
  • 10AM to 10PM, February 19th to 20th
  • 10AM to 8PM, February 21st
  • Venue:C863, Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center

    How to get a voucher:Purchases exceeding NT$1,688 at TIBE 2016 will receive a voucher for a VR experience, which is valid for one person only. Vouchers are limited and subject to availability. Please refer to the terms on the voucher for more information.

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    Jimmy SPA, a brand derived from Jimmy Liao’s work, is managed and developed by Jimmy S.P.A. Co., Ltd. since 2000. Jimmy Liao’s picture book content and spirit are successfully transformed into various forms including films, merchandises, exhibitions and installations etc., and are referred to as important models of transmedia development of content and crossover marketing from the Taiwan cultural and creative industry. At the 15th anniversary of the brand, Jimmy S.P.A. Co., Ltd. established Jimmy S.P.A. Plus Co., Ltd., which continues to maintain the core brand value and focuses on strategic planning in crossover collaborations, new media deployment, cultural exhibitions and brand development. The company aims to intensify the transformation and application of Jimmy Liao’s work, and to create new niches and value of the brand in the international market.

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