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How does Doze mode in Android 6.0 save battery power?

To preserve battery life, Doze mode puts your phone in a deep sleep state when you're not using it for an extended period of time. When your phone is not charging, the screen is off, and your phone has not been moved for a period of time—such as overnight—it automatically goes into Doze mode.
While in Doze mode:
  • Wi‍-Fi scans will not be performed even if your Wi‍-Fi connection is on.
  • Apps will not have network access.
  • Background activities such as syncing and uploading will be paused and queued until the phone exits from Doze mode.

    But if the phone has been dozing for a very long time, it will periodically perform the delayed activities for a brief period and return to Doze mode.

  • You'll still receive phone calls and SMS messages. You'll also still receive MMS messages in the HTC Messages app.
The phone exits from Doze mode when:
  • You plug in the power adapter and charge the phone.
  • There's movement, such as when you pick up the phone.
  • An alarm clock goes off at your set time.
  • Notifications don't exit your phone from Doze mode. You'll get notifications after one of the above occurs and exits your phone from Doze mode.
  • If you're using another app for MMS, you may not receive MMS messages while in Doze mode. You can use the Battery optimization setting to turn off battery optimization for your app. See the user guide or how-tos for details on this setting.
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