Android 4.2.2 Update for HTC Butterfly, HTC One X+, HTC One X

At HTC, we always aim to deliver the very best experience though our smartphones. With the HTC One, HTC Butterfly, HTC One X+ & HTC One X, this is no exception. Not only have we improved the HTC One experience, we've also provided the best of the HTC One features to our previous devices. Here are just some of the updates you can expect:

Enhanced HTC BlinkFeed™

With HTC BlinkFeed™, get all your favourite content streamed live onto your home screen, that includes your social networking updates (and now Instagram), calendar invites and all your favourite news feeds.

To set up your HTC Blinkfeed™, go to Topics and services.

Click here for more information about HTC BlinkFeed™.

Auto Exposure / Auto Focus Lock

We know taking a great photo is important to you. That's why we also included AE/AF lock: An override feature that locks your camera's automatic focus.

Long press the subject on your camera display that you want to capture, then release your finger once it's locked. The focus will remain on your subject. Ideal for shooting a toddler during playground action, or a dog in a park. Enjoy great results regardless of busy motion.

Enhanced HTC Video Highlights

HTC Video Highlights automatically selects the highlights of an event to craft a stunning 30-second show. No fancy software or skills needed.

In this revision, you can now choose twice the number of great music themes, what's more you now get to choose more than 13 pieces of still photos, HTC Zoe™ Photos and/or HD Videos.

Quick Settings

With the new update, we've included quick settings that allow you to access the most frequently used options in a jiffy. Simply use 2 fingers to swipe down the notification tray.

There are 12 quick access shortcuts to the most commonly used settings like WiFi, Bluetooth and even taking a screeenshot. For more options, simply tap on the "…" key and you'll go straight into the settings page.

Lock Screen Widget

Introducing widgets for your lock screen. Now you can choose from a variety of options direct from your lock screen. See your missed calls, messages, or interact with your emails, calendar and other widgets directly and never miss something important again and respond immediately.

To activate this, go to Settings > Personalize > Lock screen style > select "Widget"

Battery Percentage in status bar

Bet you've been waiting for this one. While our battery meter displays in a nice graphic, how full your battery is, you will be able to get a battery percentage meter on your status bar. You can now have an accurate reading to ensure that you're kept abreast of how much more juice you have left.

To activate this, go to Settings > Power > select "Show battery level".

Music Channel – Lyrics.

Our music channel in the Music app makes your hot tracks even hotter.

Once you pick a song, visual animation comes to life to get you groovin'. And if live lyrics* are available for the song, they will show on the screen, line by line so you can sing along.

* Available in select markets.

Sleep Mode

When you are asleep, shouldn't your phone sleep too? Automatically turn off your data connection, when you have long periods of inactivity. This helps you preserve your battery if you forgot to leave it charging as you sleep, and it helps control your data usage too!

To activate, go to Settings > Power > switch on "sleep mode".

How to Update Your Software

Your HTC smartphone would check and notify you if there's a new update available. However, you can manually check if there's an available update.

Go to Settings > About > Software updates > Check now.

Do remember to check that box for "Update over Wi-Fi only" which helps conserve your data usage.