Pro-mode camera settings

HTC Desire 10 pro brings you upgraded Pro-mode. With DSLR grade control over your photos and handy preset options such as sport mode and night mode, which let you adjust the camera settings on the go. It’s advanced camera control, made more intuitive.

Super wide selfie mode

HTC Desire 10 pro introduces a super wide 150° selfie panorama mode – enough to fit in the whole football team with room to spare for scenery.

*Feature available for download after November11, 2016 and may not be pre-installed on HTC Desire 10. Feature installation requires an internet connection and download and acceptance of an HTC system update.

Selfies on tap

HTC Desire 10 pro lets you take selfies with your fingerprints. Simply put your finger on the fingerprint sensor to quickly capture a selfie or start recording a selfie video.


Introducing HTC Desire 10 pro. With high-resolution cameras back and front, elegant, metallic design, and top-tier features like integrated fingerprint sensor and 64GB internal storage space. All of which add up to make it our best Desire phone yet.
20MP main camera with Pro-mode settings
13MP selfie camera with super wide panorama mode and selfies on tap
HTC Freestyle layout and Boost+
4GB of RAM, 64GB storage, and SD card supports up to 2TB expandable memory