HTC is the Place to Start or Further Your Career

As a recognized world leader in the mobile device market, HTC provides you with the launching pad in starting or furthering your career. HTC is part of the global market that breeds flexibility, new technologies and innovations. This creates opportunities and an environment for you to challenge yourself and grow with the future.

In HTC, your value will be recognized and your career will have direction. If you want to be part of a team that comes up with innovative ideas, designs cutting-edge products, uses the latest technology and you want to have fun while doing it, HTC is the place for you.

HTC as an Employer

HTC's philosophy is Integrity, Innovation and Execution.

Integrity - Integrity is an integral part of HTC beliefs, whether it be between HTC and its employees, or HTC and its customers. We believe that integrity is vital for us to win our employee's trust and support, and to expand our client base in a very competitive market.

Innovation - Innovation is what drives us to provide our customers with cutting-edge products. In HTC, innovative ideas are encouraged at work and tested in our products. Innovation and the willingness to take on challenges have helped HTC stare down difficulties, and achieve near-impossible objectives.

Execution - We insist on providing our customers with the best and highest-quality products. Each detail in the development process is subjected to the strictest standard to ensure a superior final product. Our commitment to the smallest details and execution brings the best service and value to our customers.