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Tracking workouts with your UA Band

Your UA Heart Rate works together with your UA Band to track your workout sessions.
Important: Your UA Heart Rate and UA Band must both be linked to the same UA Record account.
  1. Put on your UA Heart Rate and your UA Band.
  2. On your UA Band, press the Home button to turn on the display.
  3. Swipe left or right until you see the Fitness screen.
  4. Tap .
  5. Select the type of workout you want, and then tap . You'll see a confirmation that UA Heart Rate is connected to UA Band.
  6. While working out, you can:
    • See your heart rate zone indicated by the color shown on the indicator LED on UA Band.
    • Tap to see your calories burned, current heart rate, and more.
    • Tap to pause tracking your workout.
      Note: While your workout is paused, you can tap to resume or to finish tracking your workout.
LED color Heart rate zone
Blue Low/resting heart rate (50-59% of max)
Green Light (60-69% of max)
Yellow Moderate (70-79% of max)
Orange Vigorous (80-89% of max)
Red Peak heart rate (90-100% of max)
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