A Work Day in VIVERSE: How VIVERSE enhance the life of a game developer

VIVERSE enhances a variety of aspects of  our real-life experience. Let’s take a look of what a work day look like in VIVERSE:

Josh is a game developer, and also a gamer himself. He is very passionate about games, therefore builds his career around games.

8:00 AM Home

Wake up and freshen up. Josh grabs a coffee to perk up and prepares to start the day.
Josh morning.png

8:30 AM Virtual Private Office

Josh drops into his virtual office space and hits the ground running. The flexibility of a virtual desk allows Josh to keep tabs on a multitude of tasks without compromising his physical environment.
VIVERSE Private Office

10:00 AM Virtual Los Angeles

Josh attends an expert panel at a virtual gaming convention to learn about new game techniques to use in his own pieces. Josh decided to save money on plane tickets by attending this convention and panel virtually.

VIVERSE Engage Convention

11:30 AM Home

Having finished his panel and tour of the virtual convention, Josh takes a screen break for lunch.  A recommendation from a friend attending the convention keeps lunch healthy and light.


12:00 PM Virtual Mini Golf Course

Another recommendation from his friend to keep more active has Josh boot up VIVEPORT to look for some light after lunch activities.  Josh decides for an afternoon tee time with Walkabout Mini Golf in order t o practice his putt game.

1:00 PM Virtual Conference Room

Back to business. Josh has a scheduled meeting in VR with software solution vendors to pitch his latest project.  Despite time differences, Josh is able to meet with partners worldwide from the comfort of his own home.

VIVERSE Meeting Room

2:30 PM Virtual Universe

Continuing his research on his next title, Josh explores the universe in VR to deliver a more convincing experience in creating his game.  The ability to have an immersive look at the universe has been a core inspiration for Josh’s professional aspirations.

VIVERSE Explore Space

3:00 PM Virtual Corporate Office

Josh works diligently on the rest of his coding assignments for the rest of his day.  He is able to check in with collaborators while working in an autonomous manner.

VIVERSE Coding Work

5:30 PM Park

After a long day of work, Josh decides to rewind with his dog, Boba. As Josh’s best friend, Boba takes a good portion of Josh’s after-work itinerary.

dog-walking-in-autumn-park-2021-12-09-21-42-16-utc (1).png

8 PM Virtual Japan

Josh meets with his long-distance girlfriend and attends a Japanese anime tradeshow with her. After the trade show, he and his girlfriend browse the VIVE market, and buy two anime NFT collectibles for themselves.


10:00 PM Virtual Game Lobby

After a long day working and socialising, it’s time for Josh to dive into some immersive gaming.  Whether he is finishing a singleplayer narrative or squadding up with his old gaming crew, Josh can find plenty available to him in the wide world of VR.


11:30 PM Home

Josh needs to give his brain and his eyes a rest.  Josh prepares to sleep in order to tackle the next dynamic day to come.

vienna-from-above-by-night-2022-02-01-23-40-07-utc 1.png

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