VIVEPORT Highlights: Blade and Sorcery

Sometimes existence can feel like a battle. Combat the lulls of life with a little VIVEPORT adventure. Introducing: Blade and Sorcery!

For the uninitiated, Blade and Sorcery is a medieval sandbox seeking to bring your dreams of being a fantasy hero to life. Tackle waves of enemies or challenge various dungeons to prove your power over might and magic. What makes Blade and Sorcery so special? We’re glad you asked!

Blade and Sorcery
1. Weighted Combat

Tired of feather-like sword combat? Look no further! Blade and Sorcery seeks to imitate life-like physics and brings the weight back into combat. Seek the agility of short swords and daggers or the sheer power of a mighty battle axe.With intentional physics at play, let your opponents know the real weight your attacks carry.

Blade and Sorcery
2. Weapon and Magic Variety

Whether you choose to be a ranger, warmaster, or sorcerer, you can fill your arsenal with a multitude of weapon types from across the board. A dual blade staff or a nimble bow, charge into battle with your ideal weapon in hand! More of a magician? Fire bolts of lightning and fire or imbue your weapons with the power of your magic!

Blade and Sorcery
3. Enable Your Creativity

With realistic physics implemented and an expansive catalog of weapons and magic to explore, this world is powered by your creativity. There is no right answer to victory, just attain it. Customize your heoric experience to match your wildest fantasies as they come to life.

All the talk of combat and magic has us seeking a bit of adventure for ourselves. Come try out the world of Blade and Sorcery here on VIVEPORT.