VIVE Sync: Collaborate with Ease

Virtual reality helps bring your team together regardless of where you are in the world.  Collaboration in VIVE Sync is easy and fun. Let's take a look at the VIVE Sync collaboration highlights:

VIVE Sync: Collaborate with ease

Share websites, visuals, and videos just like you would normally do in a boardroom.

Using our suite of 3D interactive meeting tools, you can even review and collaborate with 3D content.

VIVE Sync now supports content control sharing. Selected individuals can have proper control over the shared content, so that switching between speakers is easier than ever before.

VIVE Sync: Collaborate with ease

Draw or write out your ideas on the whiteboard. Team members can work together and build on each other's ideas.

Whiteboard is just one click away in VIVE Sync, allowing you to visualize your flash of genius on the spot.

VIVE Sync: Collaborate with ease

Collaborate with your team to brainstorm ideas, solutions, and strategies. Use the sticky note in your own system to inspire brilliance.

Are you a slow typer? No worries. VIVE Sync uses speech-to-text for you to create notes. Just speak out your idea and watch it transform into text in real-time. No one can hear you while you are taking a note, so don't worry about interrupting the meeting. 

VIVE Sync speech-to-text currently supports 8 languages around the world. Find your language in the drop-down menu and start brainstorming.

VIVE Sync: Collaborate with ease

You have done a great job! High five with your team members to celebrate your win!

You can also use Emoji tool to express thoughts with your team.

Some emojis come with a special sound effect that all of your team members can hear. Start your meeting in VIVE Sync to try them out!