VIVE in a Nutshell: Elevating the World of VR

VIVE Elevating VR

Most people just know HTC VIVE works on top-end VR Headsets. But many don't know all the other thing VIVE is doing to actively push VR into the mainstream future.

VIVE in a Nutshell: Elevating the World of VR

Here is an infograph that summarizes all the activities VIVE is doing for the VR Community (with your help!). This will be handy for you to share with your friends who have just heard about VIVE but have no idea what VIVE really entails.


Consumer VIVE has seen momentum in education and games
* VIVE headsets have been adopted by thousands of schools
* Over 2000 games titles are available for the VIVE VR system


The app store for virtual reality content and experiences. VIVEPORT Infinity provides access to over a thousand VR Titles for a set monthly subscription.


Medical VIVE is the healthcare division of HTC. Surgeons and families can join a shared VR world where surgeons can explain surgical procedures and educate patients


A multi-million dollar global VR program set to change the way the world creates and engages with the arts. The investment program will support content creators in this new medium.


Enable businesses of all sizes to enhance their creativity, accelerate training, strengthen collaboration, and engage customers.
Combines professional-grade hardware, software, platforms, and services to provide complete XR solutions.


Development, production and distribution of original content.
HTC VIVE ORIGINALS assembles VIVE Reality ecosystem through content, and enlightens people with the latest technical innovations.

The Future is Bright for VR

Of course, our journey does not stop here. We will be constantly and relentlessly pushing the boundaries of VR and creating a better future for each of us through innovative and humanistic technologies.

Stay tuned for other things that will come out of VIVE for the world of Virtual Reality!