VIVE Guardian: VR parental control solution

HTC VIVE’s Mission

HTC VIVE is committed to not only developing VR technologies but improving people’s lives. That is our core mission. We envision a world where technology fades to the background and experiences come to the forefront. VIVERSE not only aims to improve efficiency and efficacy in a wide array of industries but to also enhance virtual experiences in many perspectives of our lives. For example, Education:

VR for Education

Research by Krokos, E et al (2019) has suggested that VR increases the quality of learning and retention. Virtual Reality learning programs help children of all ages to learn more effectively with fun and immersive interactions. Instead of 2D and distant content where children are passively receiving information, with the help of VR and AR, children can now see content displayed vividly in front of their very eyes. Many metaverse experiences are also gamified, harnessing the power of games and VR to attract children’s attention. This encourages them to interact with the content and see instant and realistic feedback.

VIVE Guardian

However, like the dilemma with giving children access to the online world, parents have similar concerns with the metaverse. Having access to open and unlimited knowledge and information sometimes comes with unsuitable or inappropriate content for children, and it can be dangerous. VIVERSE is the metaverse that protects your family values, so we provide a solution for all the parents out there: VIVE Guardian, a Kids Safety Mode in VR.

VIVE Guardian Features

VIVE Guardian allows parents to control their child’s VR experience through their phones, forming a safety net for underage children to browse virtual content. Allowing your children to enjoy the whimsical metaverse without the concern of encountering potential harm and harassment.

  • Broadcast mode - By connecting a parent's phone with their child’s VR system, parents can launch specific VR titles for their children.
  • Free mode - Parents can pick a selection of content before giving access to their children. Children then choose the VR experience they want from the pre-selected content made by their parents.
  • Passcode lock - VIVE Guardian lets parents lock children’s VR hardware, preventing them from accessing or downloading unauthorized content.
  • Headset mirroring - With headset mirroring, the whole family can join in on the VR experience as well. Parents will be able to see from their child’s VR perspective in real-time.

VIVERSE cares about your family. We are putting effort to provide a safe and engaging VR experience for your children so that children of all ages can have fun without being harmed.

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