VIVE Flow: Share Your VR Experience

In November 2021, we introduced our newest member of the VIVE Family — VIVE Flow. Its sleek form factor and smartphone compatibility make it the perfect companion to take VR to almost anywhere you want. To say that VIVE Flow is the perfect travel buddy is an understatement. Now, we’d like to share our latest improvements with VIVE Flow!
pair controller_web.jpeg
Like any other life experience, VR is to be enjoyed with the people around you, so why not let them join the fun? VIVE Flow is now outfitted with a controller to extend its compatibility even further. In tandem with new individualized accounts, VIVE Flow with the controller is perfect for parties where everyone can participate in the festivities. Use the controller while you screencast your adventures to the rest of your friends, family, or colleagues as you Go with the Flow.

VIVE Flow is made for play, productivity, and everything in between. Use the controller to share/stream your gameplay or personalize your workspace via your phone. The decision is yours.

If you’re looking for a good place to start with Flow, here are a few suggestions from our team:


Those of you familiar with the VR space may have already heard or experienced TRIPP. TRIPP is a leading XR wellness platform that has won several awards and has been proven to drive engagement through the use of interactive immersive VR and mobile experiences. Drop into whimsical and wondrous environments that guide you through practiced mindfulness structures, targeted sound frequencies, and interactions amplified through the power of VR. Actualize your peace and ground yourself with the calming effects of TRIPP.



Feeling creative? Vibe with Vivebrant and express your creative side. Traverse through a multitude of different environments with soothing soundtracks and make this world your own. Mix and match a wide array of colors — you’re sure to find the right hue for your next masterpiece.  When you feel like your piece is finished, let the world around you come to life before your very eyes.  


3.  VIVE Sync

Time to get down to business. If you’re interested in empathetic collaboration and communication regardless of distance, VIVE Sync is the place for you. Customize your avatar to fit your professional style and hop into a variety of workspaces. Whether you want to work with the sound of waves by the beach or on a scenic mountain vista, VIVE Sync has you covered. With VIVE Sync, working from home hasn’t been more attractive. Share your screen, illustrate your ideas on a whiteboard, and much more is available to you on VIVE Sync.