MEDITATE WITH VIVE FLOW: Your first 10 hrs

MEDITATE WITH VIVE FLOW: Your first 10 hrs

As with any new adventure, you might be at a loss at where to start. Meditative experiences, immersive media viewing, and casual gaming may all come to mind when you first step into the metaverse. To help you on your path, these are some recommendations from us on where to start with VIVE Flow.

MEDITATE WITH VIVE FLOW: Your first 10 hrs


Cosmic Flow

Let's enter a kaleidoscopic space with relaxing music. Cosmic Flow is an audio-visual massage for the mind. Let go of stress and just Flow.  As this is less interactive than other meditative apps on VIVE Flow,  we find this to be a great place to start your journey.

* You can easily adjust the diopter dial to get a clear and sharp view. This is useful when sharing your VIVE Flow with friends and families. Remember to remove the face cushion when adjusting and re-attach it when you're done.


TRIPP guides you through a meditative journey with proven mindfulness structures, targeted sound frequencies, and colorful interactions. This allows you to experience interactivity in varied environments while still being bound to the mission of meditation and mindfulness practices.

* Your breath becomes sparkles drifting in the air, dancing delicately as you breathe in and out. As you can see the embodiment of your spirit and your mental blocks, you can take control of the interaction between them.


In the underwater world of Deep, your movement is controlled by your breath. Breathe in to rise, breathe out to gently float back down to the ocean floor. The world and its creatures also follow your pace, their movements in sync with your breathing. The whimsical underwater atmosphere adds to the transportive nature of Deep.

* Simply hold your phone controller on top of your belly, and let the app measure your breath.


Healium provides two avenues to experience: you can kick back and experience its world's own majesty, or enhance the experience with peripherals that track your brain and heart activity. The biometric data from your hardware will manifest as a firefly to accompany you throughout your journey. 

Horizons VR

Horizons VR takes music to the interactive and immersive realm. You control the music; the music controls the world. Find harmony by actively changing the musical environment or just let the experience take lead.

GRID - Sculpt The Sound

GRID is another interactive musical experience. It offers 5 exclusive lo-fi tracks from the renowned virtual DJ, m1n0t0r. Interact with the world to discover new musical environments and set pieces within its world.

VIVE Flow’s capabilities are far beyond just meditative, and we think it’s a great place to start. These apps give you just a taste of the variety of experiences VIVE Flow has to offer, visit to see all of the meditation apps available on VIVE Flow.

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