HTC VIVE Trackers: A Powerful VR Accessory that Can Bring More Reality into Virtual Reality

There has always been the desire to better connect virtual reality with actual reality, and within that desire most noticeably how to bring more from the real-world in. After all, the goal of VR is to make users feel completely immersed in an experience, and if some part of that experience is lacking then it’s harder to let oneself fully embrace the technology. Of course, it all starts with a headset and controllers, but both developers and consumers continue to demand more tools to fully realize their ideas on what VR should be.

This is where HTC VIVE Trackers play a tremendous role in amplifying VR experience. Think of VIVE Trackers as little pucks that work in concert with VR headsets to offer a greater opportunity to bring elements of the real world into the virtual world. What do we mean? Take for instance, you love to play tennis. So much so, that you recently downloaded a tennis training app to take your playing to the next level. But, holding a controller just doesn’t feel the same as the grip on your favorite racket. Well, a VIVE Tracker connected to a racket accessory, now places an actual racket in your hand in the game! Now, you can feel more comfortable as you smash that overhand serve past your virtual opponent.

But, VIVE Trackers do so much more than just helping you with your tennis game. They are also an invaluable tool in providing developers and content creators more unique and powerful ways to bring their ideas to life. In fact, VIVE Trackers have been a popular resource for years now, providing that crucial bridge from reality to virtual reality and the other way around. And, what’s neat about VIVE Trackers is their versatility, meaning sometimes you don’t even need a headset to use them to make your masterpiece.

Take, Blackfish Studio, a Polish technology film studio, who saw the need for more dynamic camera angles for their animated content project for GoPay. Instead of just locking down a camera and filming actors, they wanted to bring the viewer in on all the action and dynamism of the footage. In order to achieve that effect, Blackfish attached a VIVE Tracker to their camera and leveraged specific production software, essentially connecting the camera to virtual space making the viewer feel like they were along for the heart-pounding ride. In the “making of” video here you can see how the camera’s view moves within the virtual space, adding a very dramatic effect that keeps the viewer on their toes.

Of course, gaming accessories and production are just the tip of the iceberg in demonstrating the power and capability of VIVE Trackers. In the coming weeks, we will continue to bring you examples of the limitless opportunities these nifty little devices can provide. If you are interested in learning more about how VIVE Trackers work, visit