SEATTLE, 8 April, 2021-HTC VIVE®, the global leader in premium virtual reality, today unveiled its list of 2021’s top 100 VR Social influencers from around the world who are leading the evolution of the VR industry, from gaming enthusiasts to product reviewers, and designers to technology industry commentators.

The influencers named on HTC VIVE’s list were ranked according to several factors including reach, levels of engagement, and how much of their content is dedicated to VR. Additional recognition was awarded to influencers who have a voice in mainstream media, such as Forbes.

Number one on the list is duo Jonathan Nafarrete and Malia Probst, founders of VRScout. This LA-based start-up has grown to become the world’s leading immersive media network, with a reach of over 250 million people. Also on the list, in position 100, is SweViver, a Swedish VR enthusiast who shares gameplay, reviews, tutorials and VR content with his 39.2K YouTube subscribers.

Cher Wang, CEO and Chairwoman of HTC VIVE, said: “As a pioneer of mainstream VR, we have seen first-hand the exponential progress of the VR ecosystem. Through their online presence, these influencers are inspiring, informing, and educating others. They are the leading voices growing awareness and shaping the evolution of virtual reality. Their commitment to VR is key to the growth of a technology that is transforming the way we learn, work and play – they are contributing to the advancement of humankind.”

The top 100 are influencing across multiple platforms, including BiliBili, TikTok and Twitch. HTC VIVE’s ranking metrics take all languages into account, and the list shows that VR conversations have a fairly even geographic spread, with individuals from 23 markets making the top 100. HTC VIVE’s research indicates that YouTube is the preferred primary platform of many VR influencers.

Yu-kai Chou, Head of Digital Commerce at HTC VIVE, said: “It’s exciting to see that these influencers are spread around the world; it shows that the popularity of VR is increasing everywhere, not just in certain markets. These ones-to-watch are helping to propel VR from a relatively niche technology towards a future where we can imagine a VR headset in every household, workplace and classroom, while inspiring others by sharing their knowledge and insights. Anyone who is interested in VR should be listening to these voices.”

VIVE Top 100 VR Social Influencers

  Name Channel Name Region Platform
1 Jonathan Nafarrete & Malia Probst VRScout USA
2 EddieVR EddieVR USA EddieVR
3 JoshDub JoshDub Australia JoshDub
4 Drumsy Drumsy USA Drumsy
6 Ian Hamilton & Jamie Feltham Upload VR USA
7 Gawr Gura Gawr Gura Japan Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN
8 Mully Mully Australia Mully
9 VR Lolathon VR Lolathon UK VR Lolathon
10 Ben Lang Road to VR USA
11 Marine Ch. 宝鐘マリン Marine Ch. 宝鐘マリン Japan Marine Ch. 宝鐘マリン
12 HAACHAMA Ch. 赤井はあと HAACHAMA Ch. 赤井はあと Japan HAACHAMA Ch. 赤井はあ
13 VR玩家一号 VR玩家一号 China VRwanjia1
14 Jak Wilmot Disrupt USA Disrupt
15 Korone Inugami Korone Inugami Japan Korone Inugami
16 ChrisQuitsReality ChrisQuitsReality USA ChrisQuitsReality
17 Pekora Usada Pekora Usada Japan Pekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら
18 Gaege Gibson Juicy USA Juicy
19 Charlie Fink Charlie Fink USA
20 Syrmor Syrmor USA Syrmor
21 Aqua Ch. 湊あくあ Aqua Ch. 湊あくあ Japan Aqua Ch. 湊あくあ
22 jacksepticeye jacksepticeye Ireland jacksepticeye
23 Your Narrator Your Narrator USA YourNarrator
24 Vicinity360 Vicinity361 Switzerland Vicinity360
25 ThrillSeeker ThrillSeeker USA ThrillSeeker
26 Fubuki Shirakami Fubuki Shirakami Japan フブキCh。白上フブキ
27 Cathy Hackl Cathy Hackl USA
28 맥큐뭅 makeUmove Korea makeumove
29 Amixem Amixem France Amixem
30 GreatMoonAroma 대월향 GreatMoonAroma 대월향 Korea GreatMoonAroma 대월향
31 Ai Kizuna Ai Kizuna Japan Ai Kizuna
32 Smashing Smashing Australia Smashing
33 Rimmy Rimmy - Downunder Gaming Australia Rimmy - Downunder Gaming
34 Kent Bye VoicesOfVR USA
35 有栖Mana_Official 有栖Mana_Official Korea 有栖Mana_Official
36 Virtual Reality Oasis Virtual Reality Oasis UK Virtual Reality Oasis
37 有感筆電 有感筆電 Taiwan 有感筆電
38 Fudgy Fudgy UK Fudgy
39 Jesse Damiani Jesse Damiani USA
40 IAmCrusty IAmCrusty UK IAmCrusty
41 Gabrielle Anderson Gabby VR USA Gabby VR
42 Xu Daxia(徐大虾咯) Xu Daxia(徐大虾咯) China 徐大虾咯
43 Cheru Cheru Australia Cheru
44 Camodo Gaming Camodo Gaming USA Camodo Gaming
45 알간지Alganzi 알간지Alganzi Korea 알간지Alganzi
46 Nathaniël de Jong Nathie Netherlands Nathie
47 Blitz Blitz USA Blitz
48 suki Lilqbunny Korea Lilqbunny
49 Kevin Joyce VR Focus USA
50 Corridor Digital Node USA Node
51 Virtual Dreamers Virtual Dreamers USA Virtual Dreamers
52 Uncle Sakamoto(坂本叔) Uncle Sakamoto (坂本叔) China 坂本叔
54 Ctop Ctop USA Ctop
55 Nano Nano Portugal Nanoytgaming
56 Adam Savage Adam Savage’s Tested USA Adam Savage’s Tested
57 Walk The Plank Walk The Plank UK Walk The Plank
58 habie147 habie147 USA habie147
59 Pisty Pisty Egypt Pisty
60 Unboxing Dude UNBOXINg dude India UNBOXINg dude
61 WhackyCast WhackyCast Finland WhackyCast
62 TheProGamerJay TheProGamerJay USA TheProGamerJay
63 Julien Chièze Julien Chièze France Julien Chièze
64 iListen iListen USA iListen
65 Honza Macák MenT Czech Republic MenT
66 Max Deacon VR Max Deacon VR Russia Max Deacon VR
67 Jeaire Jeaire USA Jeaire
68 Simply Chris Simply Chris USA Simply Chris
69 Tyriel Wood Tyriel Wood - VR Tech USA Tyriel Wood - VR Tech
70 Naysy Naysy Australia @naysy_vr
71 Linus Tech Tips Linus Tech Tips Canada Linus Tech Tips
73 Virtual Insider Virtual Insider UK Virtual Insider
74 Jugon Virtual Jugon Virtual Spain Jugon Virtual
75 Peter Rubin Peter Rubin USA
76 Bonkol Bonkol Poland Bonkol
77 iamLucid iamLucid USA iamLucid
78 Steve Knows Steve Knows UK SteveKnows
79 Cas and Chary Cas and Chary VR Netherlands Cas and Chary VR
80 Eric for President Eric for President USA Eric for President
81 CyberChimp CyberChimp UK CyberChimp
82 PapaFearGaming VR PapaFearGaming VR Canada PapaFearGaming VR
83 Furtrap Furtrap USA Furtrap
84 A Wolf in VR A Wolf in VR USA AWolfinVR
85 BenPlaysVR BenPlaysVR USA Ben Plays VR
86 Shijiaoji(视角姬) Shijiaoji(视角姬) China 视角姬
87 The Mysticle The Mysticle Ireland The Mysticle
88 Nick & ETR VR Nick & ETR VR France Nick & ETR VR
89 Janko Roettgers Janko Roettgers USA Protocol: Janko Roettgers
90 JFJ JFJ Lithuania JFJ
91 The Lonely Viper The Lonely Viper USA The Lonely Viper
92 세아 스토리 세아 스토리 Korea 세아 스토리
93 Brandon B. AwakenToast USA AwakenToast
94 Tony E. Valenzuela BlackBoxTV USA Black Box TV
95 Sebastian Ang MRTV Germany MIXED REALITY TV
96 信徒Shinja 信徒Shinja China 信徒Shinja
97 똘똘똘이의 유튜브 똘똘똘이의 유튜브 Korea 똘똘똘이의 유튜브
98 Daniel Terdiman Daniel Terdiman USA
99 Pavel Mikeš Herdyn Czech Republic Herdyn
100  SweViver SweViver Sweden SweViver