A Casual Day in VIVERSE: Relax, release, rewind

Last time we showcased how VIVERSE can enhance a person’s work day. Now, let’s take a look at how you can enjoy your days off in VIVERSE.

Michelle is a pre-med student, devoted to becoming a pediatric surgeon. The path to success requires a lot of work, but she wants to realize her dream despite the challenge. She understands the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and life, so she holds on to every chance she has to relax, release, and rewind.

09:00 AM Virtual Meditation

Michelle starts her day with mindfulness meditation. Although she follows the same meditation routine during her work days, her days off allow her the flexibility to free flow and fully immerse herself in VR wonderland.

VIVERSE Meditation

10:00 AM Bakery

After a calming trip, Michelle takes a stroll to a local bakery that recently opened near her house. She loves the scent of freshly baked pastries in the morning. She buys a pie and some fresh bread to start her day off strong.

bakery-2022-02-25-01-38-27-utc 1.png

11:00 AM Virtual Closet

Michelle has been wanting to style her virtual avatar for a while. Today’s finally the day to do some shopping and have an avatar makeover session! With some glamorous new fits, her avatar is now personalized to her liking and ready to dazzle her way into virtual hangouts and classrooms.

12:00 PM Virtual Barcelona

Michelle is traveling to Barcelona, Spain next month for a medical seminar. A quick tour around the city will help Michelle frame her goals for the trip. She jumps into Virtual Barcelona for some sightseeing while physically having a baguette for lunch.


03:00 PM Virtual Kayaking

Pairing her VR device with an actual rowing machine, Michelle does her daily workout in a beautiful river valley. She also invited her friend, Josh, to join her on a race. Josh isn’t nearly as competitive as Michelle, so Michelle wins without breaking a sweat.


08:00 PM Virtual Concert

Ending her day on a high note, Michelle went to a VR concert with her friends. Her friend is debuting as a virtual artist, so Michelle is staying up all night, dancing and celebrating her friend’s success.
VIVERSE Beatday Concert

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