Home screen

Home screen

Your Home screen is where you make HTC Explorer your own. It comes with a Shortcuts & Clock widget that contains shortcuts to your favorite apps and shows the time and weather in your city. You can also add your favorite applications, shortcuts, folders and widgets so they’re always just a tap away. To find out how, see Personalizing.

Extended Home screen

As you start to do more things with HTC Explorer, you might find that one Home screen is not enough. No problem. You can use up to six extra screens. It should be plenty.
Slide your finger horizontally to the left or right and you’ll discover more space for adding icons, widgets, and more.
Press to return to the main Home screen (that is, the center home screen).

Using Leap view

To jump straight to the screen that you want, press or pinch the screen to show the Leap view. It reveals all seven Home screens as thumbnails.

Just tap the one you want and you’ll leap right there.

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