Using Car Panel

Using Car Panel

Easily access footprints, points of interest, and places nearby with Car Panel, and then start navigation to show you how to get there.
From the Home screen, tap > Car Panel.
Search for a destination to go to.
Check the places you’ve search before, and then choose one to set as your destination.
Download or purchase additional services such as navigation, safety camera, and turn-by-turn voice instructions.
Select a footprint to set as a destination.
Make a phone call.
Set Car Panel options.

Car Panel keeps opening by itself when you’re using a mini-to-micro USB converter?

If you connect a mini-USB power adapter or car charger to your phone through a mini-to-micro USB converter, your phone may misinterpret this to be a car kit connection (due to the different connector PIN assignment on the mini-USB power adapter or car charger) and automatically display the Car Panel.

You can prevent Car Panel from automatically opening by:

  1. From the Home screen, press , and then tap Settings.
  2. Tap Dock, and then clear the Auto-launch check box.

Using your phone with the car kit

If you purchased the dedicated car kit for your phone, you can use the included in-car holder to mount your phone securely inside your car and use your phone on the road. Refer to the car kit guide for instructions on how to install the in-car holder and properly mount your phone to the holder.

When you mount your phone on the car kit, the Car Panel automatically opens.
Note: When your phone is in the holder and is not connected to a Bluetooth car kit or headset, the phone’s speakerphone is automatically turned on when you make or answer a phone call.

Automatically connecting to a Bluetooth car kit or headset

You can set your phone to connect to your Bluetooth car kit or Bluetooth headset automatically, if one is paired with your phone, whenever you mount the phone on the in-car holder.
  1. In Car Panel, tap Settings > Car kit.
  2. Select the Auto-connect check box.
  3. If you have more than one Bluetooth car kit or headset paired with your phone, tap Default device to choose the Bluetooth car kit or headset to use.

Before mounting your phone on the in-car holder, make sure that Bluetooth on your phone and the paired Bluetooth car kit or headset is turned on.

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