Sharing media on your home network

Sharing media on your home network

Sharing photos, videos, and music with a bigger circle of friends is easy on your home network. Simply connect your phone to the network and instantly show your captured photos and videos on a big TV, or start streaming your favorite music tracks on hi-fi speakers — all via DLNA®. For more information about DLNA®, visit www.dlna.org.
Before you share media through the network:
  • Connect your phone to the network via Wi-Fi. To find out how to connect to a Wi-Fi network, see the Internet chapter.
  • Connect the TV or speakers to the network. Check the documentation that came with your TV or speakers to know how.
  1. Open the Gallery or Music app.
  2. Locate the media that you want to share, and then tap it.
  3. While viewing the photo or playing the video or music, press , and then tap Select player.
  4. Choose the device on your network where you want to play the media.
  5. Once connected to the other device, your phone opens up the Controller screen where you can tap:
    Controls To
    Play the media on the other device.
    Pause the music or video playback.
    Play the previous photo or music track.
    Play the next photo or music track.
    Shuffle your music playlist.
    Select a repeat mode for photos or music tracks.
    Show available media that you can share.
    View the media information such as the file name, title, and duration.
    Connect to another photo/video player on the network.
    Connect to another music player on the network.
    Adjust the volume of the video or music you’re playing on the other device. You can also drag the volume slider to adjust the volume.
    Disconnect your phone from the other device and stop sharing media.
    • While playing a media on another device, you can press and do other things on your phone. To return to the Controller screen, slide open the Notifications panel, and then tap the device you’re connected to.
    • Until you disconnect the phone from the other device, other media that you open from the Gallery or Music app are shared on the other device.
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