Motion gestures

Motion gestures

Use motion gestures to mute HTC Desire 500, turn on the speakerphone, and more.

Flip to silence / flip for speakerphone

When a call comes in you can turn HTC Desire 500 over to mute it.

While in a call, turn HTC Desire 500 over to turn the speakerphone on for hands-free conversations or for conference calling.

Pick up to lower volume

In a business meeting or restaurant, pick HTC Desire 500 up when a call comes in to lower the ringtone volume.

Set volume to automatically rise while in your pocket or bag

On a noisy street and can't hear HTC Desire 500 ringing in your bag?

You can set HTC Desire 500 to recognize when it's in your bag or pocket and raise the ringtone volume so that you can hear it in noisy environments.

Rotate HTC Desire 500 for a better view

For many screens, you can automatically change the screen orientation from portrait to landscape by turning HTC Desire 500 sideways.

When entering text, you can turn HTC Desire 500 sideways to bring up a bigger keyboard.

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