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Phil in Memphis

HTC upgrade lost contacts

I upgraded op sys per HTC request on my phone;now all me contacts are not there and existing contact phone numbers linked to contacts, when entered by ph number show previous employee assigned to that number well over 5 yrs ago. I hate the up grade and if I could reverse it I would. Will never buy another HTC. I have over 15 phones given to employees at our company and will never consider HTC. Rated 1-5 with 1 being horrible. This rating requests does not give 1 or 5 as being good to bad!!!!!!!!



Great phone

ali salehi

i love this phone

i can say it easily.. this is the first phone that i owned and i felt in love with. smooth... so beautiful and really good beats experience. the only thing that fears me is the future of this phone. i really like to see windows 10 on this phone. i love to have it for another year near me and then change it with another HTC Windows flagship phone. thank you HTC for updating this phone. please update it to Windows 10.


thank you

HTC thank you for the latest update for HTC 8X. It took a while though but I'm very happy with the new features. Great improvement, keep it up!


@AMIR 8.1.1????REALLY??

I only got 8.1 but not 8.1.1 is that the 8.1 update 1???? By the way thanks @htc for the 8.1 ilove it so much but where is the cellular toggle?? Im using Internationa Sim free variant of 8x.


Awsome Phone

Thanks HTC for latest firmware and 8.1 OS, its looking awesome on 8.1 with cortana and Action center. Please I would recommend to redesign this phone with following spec with same build slip and look Spec: Screen : 4.5 - 4.7 Camera: 13 main and 5 secendory Most needed application is Video player that plays all formats... Thanks, Venu

Alisa Merrill

improve it.

First the power cord. It needs another foot of length. next the heavy socket end is to heavy and slips out of the wall. This phone is not comparable with Silverlight software. I use it for my work. Inconvenient. battery life sticks. Needs blocking feature for unwanted calls. More easy user friendly needed. Simplified for average user.


Loving 8.1 after a LONG delay

I love how the Windows phone OS works on my HTC 8X. My chief complaint has been how long it took to get the 8.1 update. I was about to walk away from HTC altogether. I really hope that HTC and Verizon get ahead of the curve this time in prepping the 8X for the upgrade to Windows Phone 10, especially since the 8x was the first phone built from the ground up for the Windows Phone OS. If so, I will upgrade my review to 5 stars. Battery life started out strong, but has gradually worsened. This is my second HTC phone, and this seems to be a recurring problem.

Gourav Bhattacharjee

The best phone with minor cons

First of all this phone is a beast.It has awesome camera,sound quality,design,specs.Some of the cons are its battery life,no SD card slot and no update to windows phone 8.1 else this phone is great.Please htc provide an 8.1 even 10 is going to launch.


I Love Microsoft and Htc

Hi Thank You htc developers for new original Firmware and new boot loader update i love my htc 8x Windows Phone,Cortana and Live Tiles are very good Thanks again for releasing 8.1.1 Update i hope Htc prepare 8x for Windows 10