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There are very few reasons I pull out my phone. 1 - check the time. 2 - check the weather. 3 - record a strava ride. 4 - use the flashlight. 5 - use the calculator. 6 - respond to a message. The m8 can easily check the time and tell me the weather. Double tap the screen. It cannot seem to turn on location services for strava. I've spent far too long trying to figure out why - it no longer is relevant if it *can*, because it did not in under 5 presses. It does not have a flashlight in kitkat or lollipop. It has removed lockscreen widgets so I cannot add a flashlight or calculator to my lockscreen. The only thing it manages to do is allow me to double click a notification to go to the message app. It is 50% more inferior than my old iphone 4. Yes, the 4....



After 3 weeks of having this phone I began to see some worrying signs that switching from my iPhone to this was a terrible idea. My main issue comes from the messenger application, which not only freezes constantly but shows messages in a weird, computer code way that is pages long and absolutely cryptic. After contacting HTC help, it stopped for a few days. Now, I don't receive messages until days after they were sent to me. Half the time my messages say they have sent but whenI FINALLY getting into contact with my friends and family, they assure me they never even received the message. This has been my biggest issue, not to leave out that the touch screen is delayed, apps constantly crash, and I HAVE NEVER EVEN DROPPED THE PHONE. However, the pros to this phone is the sound quality, the battery life, the feel, and pixels, and (personally) I like the camera. (I also only take photos of my cat so I don't really have high standards in this department)


latest update suck's!

I got my phone in October last year. The first two updates ive done were great everything was fast and running smooth. NOW after I updated this last time like two weeks ago! Now my apps randomly close out or freeze and I don't even have that many! . Sometimes my keyboard won't even work now! It runs slower now which is So frustrating. I don't like not being able to have my chrome tabs Anymore. Trying to save a site now to look at later is nearly impossible. Overall I hate this new the phone itself, hate the update. It needs fixed.


Camera Lens

The phone works beautifully, except for the fact that it has been three months since I had the phone and the lens are easily scratched. I have tried many methods to get rid of it but it won't work that well.


Improve the battery

Please Please improve the battery.... It simply needs to be fixed. You can't just build phones without improving on battery life. Its just a good eye catcher without the power/functionality inside.

orlando helms

WAS good, update made it trash

Phone is great till the android update. no apps work, poor battery, moved settings around, etc. Literally nothing good to say about it.


Battery Problems

After only 9 months the battery life has dropped so without even making one phone call the phone can't go 24 hours.

mercky valdez

Best phone, until...

This was the best phone I ever had, never had a single issue with the phone. Long battery life with moderate use, no lag, apps ran smoothly...and then they pushed a firmware update. Apps crash all the time now, half of them won't even open up. Hopefully these bugs get worked out, I really liked this phone.


M8 not Gr8

Switched from a 4S to this phone . Now on the 3rd one in 4 months. Speakers quit, won't recognize a usb port to backup, just not quality built. The software interface is nice, but that's it. Last droid for me.

Josh Lowrie

Great Phone

This is a great phone it was my first smartphone and I have loved it from day one. When I have my next upgrade I will definitely be staying with HTC